290 sqm Black House Design with Swimming Pool

 HSdesain.comThis 2-storey house design was built with a land area of 290 sqm and a building area of 265 sqm. Although it looks quite big, this house is not too big which will make residents tired. In this article, we will review the design of this beautiful and stylish black house.

Facade home design

The appearance of the façade which is dominated by black does not look gloomy or scary. In fact, the impression of elegance and style will look so looking at this 2-story house. This cool home design also uses an open concept in many parts of the interior of this house.

Terrace area

Natural elements are felt once in the terrace area of the house. There are still elegant shades of black, and the minimalist design in this terrace area looks beautiful and not excessive.

Living room

The entrance door that uses a transparent sliding door on this house certainly makes the design more efficient. The installation of curtains can help protect the privacy of the occupants of the home.

Rectangle swimming pool

The swimming pool at the back of the house has a simple design but is still beautiful. Having a rectangular shape, around the pond there are also plants that make the atmosphere more beautiful.

Bedroom design

The minimalist design in the bedroom also provides a comfortable accent and makes you feel at home. The combination of shades of black, light, wood elements, and glossy materials gives the impression of a luxurious and stylish room.

Space area

This empty area close to the balcony or corridor does not escape its attractive appearance. Although this area is empty and only used as a link between rooms, you can design it so that it is not boring. Like adding some decorations that are on display on the shelf. Or use the shelf as a place to store storage or books.


The glossy design in this dark bathroom does not display its gloomy accents. It is precisely the luxurious and spacious impression that appears in this minimalist bathroom. The separation of dry and wet areas also makes the bathroom cleaner and can reduce excess moisture and result in the growth of mold.

That's the 290 sqm Black House Design with Swimming Pool. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Yuniar
Editor   : Munawaroh

Source : wicaksound

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