Greeted By a Pool. Inspiration 2-Storey House Design (112 M2) FREE Floor Plan - Adapting Mexican style, this 2-storey house looks chic with a unique and different design. The unique look of this house will welcome you with its mini swimming pool as soon as you enter the gate. Here is a further review of the unique minimalist house.

Facade design

The facade of this house has a stunning design with its wooden elements. With a minimalist terrace and garden that adorns the front area of the house, this residence has a soothing and comfortable atmosphere.

Mini pool looks

The swimming pool located in the front area close to this fence makes the house a refreshing atmosphere. The right design and arrangement make this swimming pool area suitable for relaxing and enjoying the home environment.

First floor

Designing without partitions, the first floor looks bigger and more spacious. The elongated design makes this house look stunning. You can design the living room with good placement and add some decoration to enhance the nuance.

Dining room area

Using the dining table as an indirect barrier between the living room and the kitchen is certainly good. You can use the right and measured furniture that will bring stunning this area. Then, add some plants or decorations to enhance the vibes.

Kitchen design

Side by side with the garden or back area of the house, the kitchen looks stunning with a good arrangement. Even though the area is small, you can use good and measured furniture for a tidy place.

Bedroom design

Located on the second floor, the bedroom looks stunning with a window trellis. Besides can bring safety, it also makes you feel okay with privacy. Then, design nicely and get good placement and description for a stunning bedroom.

Floor plan

The explanation of the floor plan above are:

First floor:

- swimming pool

- terrace

- living room

- kitchen and dining room

- bathroom

- garden or backyard

And for the second floor:

- 2 bedrooms

- 2 bathrooms

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Author  : Yuniar
Editor   : Munawaroh

Source : - Eva House

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