7 x 9 M Small House Design With 2 Bedroom + Floor Plan and Size Detail


HSdesain.com - For those of you who love the color gray. This time we will provide design inspiration and gray paint House plans that look beautiful and elegant, have 2 bedrooms and the size of the space. So it is suitable for you to make a reference if you want to plan to build a simple residence with a more masculine and aesthetic exterior color appearance.

Facade Design 

Part of the facade is surrounded by a green lawn with ornamental grasses and lush plants by the windows. Grass plants that spread in the garden can replace the impression of empty and unkempt on the home page. Maximize the oxygen that enters the house so that it is more healthy for activity.

Building Construction

The design of the House appears in front of the details of the use of a sloping roof which is the hallmark of a modern minimalist style house, with a combination of rock material and a wooden roof on the terrace that makes it different from other exterior designs.

As for the details of the back of the house seen on each side of the exterior wall, there are many window openings that are characteristic of a beautiful and elegant house, the gray color is also able to make the design of the house with a peaceful and calm atmosphere.

Kitchen Design 

This kitchen design looks elegant by using gray color. Material kitchen set you can also adjust to the concept of the house, for suggestions can be combined with gray and white, you should use granite on top of the kitchen or HPL coated duco paint finishing so it looks more modern and elegant.

Floor Plan

This small house consists of :

- Porch with a size of 4 m x 1 m 

- Living Room with a size of  4 m x 3 m

- Dining Room & Kitchen with a size of 6 m x 3 m 

- Bathroom with a size of 1 m x 1.6 m

- Bedroom 1 with a size of 3 m x 3 m

- Bedroom 2 with a size of 3 m x 3 m

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