7 Modern and Charming Kid's Rooms Ideas

7 Modern and Charming Kid's Rooms Ideas

Designing a kid's room might be on your to do list in building your dream home. Here is a 7 Modern and Charming Kid's Rooms Ideas design that you can implement for your kid's room.

Go neutral

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Choosing neutral colors can be a good choice, because when they grow up, they can be given the option to choose their own colors.

Make it elegant

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Minimalist room design makes the room difficult to clutter. Especially for those of you who have active children. Although minimalist, but still well designed.

Let them explore their creativity

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Make a storage area for their favorite items so they can keep them in the room. And give them space to explore the way they redecorate their room.

Let the sunlight in


Sunlight can help children to think and relax comfortably. This room was designed to allow plenty of sunlight to enter the room by placing large windows.

Double height bunk beds

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Bunk beds are an easy choice for designing a child's room. This bunk beds design is a little more unique than usual. Having a different mattress location makes the room more comfortable.

Offset Built-in Bunk Beds

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Another unique bunk bed design is offset built-in bunk beds. This design makes one of the mattresses a little more forward, as the name offset. This way the lower mattress is not covered by the upper mattress.


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The following space-saving design maximizes the space by making the bunk bed and study table parallel. Equipped with a large window in the middle, make the room more warmer.

That's 7 Modern and Charming Kid's Rooms Ideas. Perhaps this article might help you to find out your kids' room design. 

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