2-Storey House Idea (5 M X 6 M) + Floor Plan

2-Storey House Idea (5 M X 6 M) + Floor Plan

HSDesain.com  -- Having a simple and elegant residence with limited land, this design may be one of your references in building your dream home. Let's take a look at the 2-Storey House Idea (5 M X 6 M) + Plan



Although this design has a small size, this tiny house offers a spacious and luxurious living experience and design that you will not find in traditional houses. 

Roof design

Flat roofs are easy to build due to their simple design and do not take up much space. It is also affordable due to lower material and labor costs. Flat roofs are one of the best options.

Interior design

One of the main features of a tiny house is its modern interior design. By eliminating clutter and maximizing space, this design creates a light and airy living space that feels cozy and spacious.


Heading into the room is a medium-sized bed, wardrobe, desk and chair. There is a large window on the side of the bed. Simple arrangement and furniture are the hallmarks of this design area.

Floor plan 

Although this design only has an area of 5 m x 6 m, it is designed very optimally and can be contained:

- Terrace
- Bedroom
- Bathroom
- Kitchen area
- Living room
- Dining room

That's 2-Storey House Idea (5 M X 6 M) + Floor Plan. Perhaps this article might help you to find out your own home design. 

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Author    : Devi Milania

Editor     : Munawwaroh

Source   :  Ar. YISE (Yna design)

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