6 Mini Pool You Wanna Swim All Day

6 Mini Pool You Wanna Swim All Day

HSDesaiin.com -- Having a swimming pool may be a dream for those of you who like to swim. Because swimming pools are large, they definitely require large land. For those of you who have small land but still want to make a swimming pool, the 6 Mini Pool You Wanna Swim All Day ideas might be your reference.

Bamboo detail

homify India

This swimming pool design has a unique design at the top by adding bamboo as an area divider. In addition, two loungers are located on the side of the pool.


Bali Interior

Swimming pools that have a lot of sunlight have a warmer atmosphere like this design. The direct sunlight into the pool makes swimming more exciting.

Open mini pool


Mini pool with a unique circular design like this has a beautiful look. Surrounded by rocks, it feels like a river.

Make it rock

Qasim Fiyaz

Stones that become friends for water can be applied as this design. The pool floor that uses stone material makes this pool look fresh.

Tiny but classy

Natural FFC

This super mini swimming pool is designed on the edge of the house, as the remaining land. Although it has a small area, but this design has a luxurious impression with a beautiful fountain.

Wood domination


This last swimming pool uses the dominance of wooden furniture which makes the blue color from the water and brown from the wood very suitable. Surrounded by glass dividers makes this design even more beautiful.

That's 6 Mini Pool You Wanna Swim All Day, Hope this article helps you to be your reference to build your own mini pool.

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