Stunning Beautiful The Mini Mountain Blue Cottage Home


Stunning Beautiful The Mini Mountain Blue Cottage Home  If you are looking for a home that embodies nature and features a mountain theme, the Stunning Beautiful The Mini Mountain Blue Cottage Home design might be an ideal match for you.


Despite its small size, this house is very cozy in its interior and has a natural feel. A simple house type with a dominance of wood, navy, and white colors can presently be noticed on the terrace. A white fence makes the house even more comfortable and secure


When you enter the room, you are going to notice that it has an extremely homey and cozy feel to it, with simple home furnishings. Even though, this house only has a single big space and one bathroom, it is guaranteed to be cozy. The main room is used as a kitchen, bedroom, and family room all in one. The use of wood and stone on the walls and floors makes the house more comfortable.


The kitchen is positioned on the left side of the room and comes furnished with tables for dining, tools for cooking, gas stoves, and kitchen sets. A more natural look can be complemented by small plant ornamentation

Living section

A cozy sofa, a small table, and a fireplace with a view of the outside window can be found on the right side of the room. The typical brown color of wood takes over this section, adding to the ambience.

Bedroom section

A master bed with a direct window pointing out is located next to the family section. A TV that is directly attached to the wall serves as entertainment. This section has a clean, minimalist, and comfortable look.

Bathroom section

The bathroom is not disregarded as an essential part of a home. There is a toilet, a sink, and some additional bathroom equipment inside. This room is still clean and comfortable since it is decorated with several wooden ornaments.

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Author    : Devi Milania

Editor     : Munawwaroh

Source   : Lovely Tiny House

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