6 Stylish Kitchen for Small Spaces Design

6 Stylish Kitchen for Small Spaces Design

HSDesain.com -- Having a beautiful kitchen in a small space is a dream for some people. Small land is not an obstacle to getting a fun cooking experience. Here are some beautiful kitchen design ideas for those of you who have a small space.


Mini design
The Kitchn

First design, a minimal kitchen area that can be occupied by a gas stove, sink and dining table that becomes one with a kitchen that can be filled with 2 people. A medium-sized refrigerator can be placed next to the gas. Using the dominance of white and patterned colors makes the kitchen seem more larger. 

Clean look
Metha Suteja

Next, the kitchen is wider than before. This design still uses a white theme punctuated by wood brown color. A dining table that merged with the kitchen can also be applied in this design. The remaining space above the kitchen can be used as storage for kitchen needs.

Warm look


If you having a larger area, you can use this design. Elongated style, making the kitchen more free. Has a complete kitchen set, a large refrigerator. You can also place a large window on the side of the kitchen so that cooking becomes more enjoyable and the sun enters.

Elegant look


The next design has a luxurious and elegant look. Using marble on all sides of the kitchen makes it look more beautiful and luxurious. The kitchen is not too spacious with a dining table that becomes one with the kitchen. It has a dominance of beautiful white and brown colors. You can also add some decorations on the side of the kitchen.

Nature look

Tiara L. Cole | Comfy Outfits & Home Hacks

The next design, has a more colorful look with various decorations. Having an elongated design makes the kitchen feel more spacious. The dining table can  be placed on a separate side of the kitchen that can be filled by 2 people. Dominated by the typical brown color of wood and white plus some living plants can be one of your choices.

The simple one


Still with the kitchen being one with the dining table. The following design has a beautiful motif with white and brown colors. This simple kitchen is perfect for those of you who love simple things but still has your needs.

That's some kitchen design for those of you who have a tiny space, if you need more references you can check this design out.  Hopefully this article will help to inspire you.

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