6 Gorgeous Bathroom Shower Ideas We're Swooning Over


6 Gorgeous Bathroom Shower Ideas We're Swooning Over 

HSDesain.com -- The bathroom is a must-have place in every home, because we definitely need a bathroom for our daily activities. Here are 6 Gorgeous Bathroom Shower Ideas We're Swooning design references that you might be able to apply to your bathroom.

Elegant look

Small diameter is not an obstacle to create an elegant and luxurious bathroom. This first bathroom has an elegant look with wood-themed walls and the rest using marble. Placing the shower, sink and toilet on one side is a good idea to keep the space.

Luxury look

Still with an elegant and luxurious look, this bathroom uses a gray marble wall as the base of the wall. The marble wall combined with brown wooden furniture makes it more elegant. The sink can be made more unique by placing round glass over the sink.

Large bathroom

If you have a slightly larger area, maybe you can apply this design in your bathroom. The medium bathtub can be placed in one area with the shower. Meanwhile, the sink is opposite the toilet. Brown and white colors dominate this design. You can also make the wall a place to put bathroom needs.

 Back to nature

Next, this bathroom with a back to nature theme has a black color dominance on all walls. Elegant furniture design adds to the simplicity of this type of bathroom. You can also place some living plants in this bathroom.

Clean look

If you love cleanliness and a clean look, this might be the right design for you. All parts of the bathroom that use the dominance of white color are characteristic of a clean and neat look. Interspersed with dark brown color from the cupboard under the sink and some bathroom equipment. 

Simple look

Finally, this design is very simple by combining simple colors. Shower, toilet and sink remain in one line making the space wider. You can also complement it with live plants.

That's some bathroom designs that might be your reference. Hopefully this article helps you.

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