6 Home Library Ideas that Every Bookworm Love


Home Library Ideas that Every Bookworm Love

HSDesain.com -- If you're a book reader, having a home filled with books might be a necessity. Some of these designs might inspire you to create your own reading nook. This is 6 Home Library Ideas that Every Bookworm Love.

More sunlight

One Kindesign

Besides being filled with books, this place is also filled with lots of sunlight, thanks to the large windows. More sunlight can make you more comfortable reading.

Reading corner

Interior Design Inspiration

Utilizing an empty corner of the house is a good idea, in order to save more space. Utilizing a tree stand, books can be neatly arranged next to the sofa.

Walking reading


For those of you who have limited space for books, maybe you can make the stairs one of the options. Utilize the stairs by placing the bookshelf following the direction of the stairs.

Make it like harry potter


For you classic book lovers, this design might be your reference. It has a warm atmosphere like harry potter. Decorated with various supporting ornaments.

Coziest reading corner

Extra Space Storage | The Self Storage Experts

If you are more flexible in reading, whether sitting or sleeping, this design is for you. Create space by placing books under and next to the sofa. 

Balcony bookshelf

Bored Panda

This design is suitable for those of you who like to read outdoors with fresh air. Place a large bookshelf on the balcony and a few chairs for reading.

That's some ideas that might be a reference for your reading corner. Hopefully this article helps you.

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