10 House Plant Idea You'll Craving About


10 House Plant Idea You'll Craving About

HSDesain.com -- Plants are one of the oxygen providers that make us feel relaxed. Putting plants in the house is a smart idea to make the house more comfortable and fresh. The 10 House Plant Idea You'll Craving About ideas are some houseplant designs that you might use as references to decorate your home with plants.

Sleep with a fresh air

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This design places plants in the room next to the bed making it look more beautiful and fresh. You can also adjust the theme of the room with a matching green color display.

Hanging plant


Hanging vines can be an idea to beautify your room. You can combine this type of idea with interesting lights. You can customize your favorite type of vines. This look has a forest yet modern look.

Plant room

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Living areas can also be used as a place to decorate your favorite plants. Putting it around the window is the right idea to do considering plants need sunlight and make the room more brighter.

Shower in the nature

To make activities in the bathroom more enjoyable, you can make your bathroom like the this design. Placing some small plants at several points of the bathroom makes the room feel fresh.

Wall planter

This idea is a little unique, because it makes a special space for plants on the wall. You can choose green plants for those of you who have white walls. This look makes the room more diverse with nature.

Back to nature

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Want more natural look, you might be able to apply this design. Gluing a few pieces of trees and decorated with plants in it makes a unique and fresh look. I bet you feel like you are in a jungle for a while.

Divide it by plant


Placing many plants to divide the room is such a good idea. You can arrange your plants like this design. Make the room divider more eye-catching and beautiful. Combine with your favorite color combination.

Flower table
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Make your dining room feel like in the nature by adding a bunch of flowers to the table. This design might be your reference. Choosing the colorful plants and flowers make the table more awesome.

Sunroom by plant


Putting a lot of plants in the windows facing out through the sunlight is such a brilliant idea. Now, the sunroom feels more warm and fresh, thanks to the photosynthesis.

A walking plant

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If you do not have much space to place the plant, the staircase might be the one. Placing it along the staircase with various vines will instantly make it more gorgeous. 

Those are some ideas to organize your favorite plants in the house. Hopefully you are helped by this idea.

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