3 x 4 m Home Design + Floor Plan


3 x 4 Home Design + Floor Plan

HSDesain.com --  For those of you with only 3 x 4 m of land and a desire for a genuine and beautiful residence. Maybe the following ideas can help you build a small and comfortable house. This is 3 x 4 Home Design + Floor Plan.

The front

A small house can already be seen in front of the House. This small house makes good use of space; chairs and plants can be placed on the terrace to create a welcoming atmosphere. This house is dominated by a traditional brown wood color. A medium window can also be placed near the House's entrance.

The inside

Because this house is only 3 x 4 m in size, the furniture placement and room division are similar to those in an apartment. When you enter the house, you will be welcomed by a bed and a kitchen area. It is difficult to choose furniture for a tiny area of land like this. 

Because of the limited space, choosing furniture is further complicated by having to be included twice. Simple furniture is the best option because it maintains its function. Kitchens are designed to be as simple as possible in order to accommodate all the kitchen's needs. A small dining area next to the kitchen can also be used. The bathroom is in its own room, with separate dry and wet areas.

The floor plan

 So, lets take a look at the detail of floor design!

- Bathroom with a size of 2.00 m x 1.10 m

- Door with a size of 0.80 m

- Bed with a size of 2.00 m 

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Author    : Devi Milania

Editor     : Munawwaroh

Source   : Woodnest

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