Warm Interior House Design With Bohemian Style

Hsdesain.com - Home by using a warm interior with a bohemian style can make the look more modern. Bohemian Style has characteristics such as interior design that combines elements of ethnic, vintage. By using a warm design will make the look charming and beautiful. You can see the details below and hopefully it can be an inspiration for you.

Kitchen Comfortable

The kitchen using this kitchen set combines white color and natural wood so as to make the appearance look modern minimalist. This kitchen has a U-shape so that it can maximize its function. The kitchen is also equipped with an upper cabinet that can be used for storage. In addition, this kitchen has a unique glass window.

Dining Room Design 

Near the kitchen there is also a dining room that uses natural wood material. This dining room has a glass window with a large size so as to maximize the lighting that enters the room. Lamps with a unique design also decorate this dining room area.

Unique Sink

Sink with a minimalist look is presented with the use of a multi functional sink. Besides being able to be used as a sink, it can also be used for storage because it has shelves in gray so that the look becomes elegant. On the wall is selected with a cute motif so that the display is more attractive.

Stair Design 

If you have a small size house then the staircase design as above can be an option. Stairs that use wood material with a simple but beautiful design. This ladder does not use a lot of places because it is a simple design but still looks charming. Around the stairs you can apply the plant so it looks fresh.

Living Room Design 

The living room using this charming green sofa bed looks beautiful. By using the letter L shape, the room will not take up much space. The living room is also equipped with a TV attached to the wall so it does not take up much space. In addition, the presence of plants around the room will add to the decor of the living room.

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Author   : Dwi

Editor    : Munawaroh

Source  : Kristi Hughes


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