Cozy and Warm House Ideas for Cat Lovers -- Having pets can be annoying if you don't have the proper space for them. You can design a house for you and your cat at the same time. The following interior ideas will give you some great inspiration to have a cozy space even with pets. For ideas that you can replicate, check out Cozy and Warm House Ideas for Cat Lovers.



Living room area

The living room is an important part of its existence and has a design that should prioritize comfort. In addition to feeling comfortable with the furniture it has, this living room is perfect in paying attention to the color selection it uses. In addition, the addition of one medium-sized plant is able to provide freshness to the appearance of the room.



 Stairs and cats space

Moving on to the staircase area, its modern minimalist design can be an element that enhances the room. In addition, the interesting thing about this area is that there is a space designated for cats. The area under the stairs is maximally used for a cat house with transparent glass as the wall. You can see how this is very pleasant for cats.

Open space area

The room has no partitions, making it look very spacious and not stuffy at all. The color details and wood patterns on the furniture and interior are able to give a warm and homey impression. The existence of the kitchen in the corner of the room still has a very wide and comfortable access so that you can do activities with a good mood.

Warm interior look

In addition to the kitchen in the corner of the room, this area is also integrated with others. In the center is the dining table with a dominance of wooden details that are distinctive and full of character. From the dining room, the owner can also see his living room and the lighting from the living room window can spread throughout this open plan area.

Bedroom area

This bedroom has a minimalist design combined with an industrial style that can be seen in the use of unfinished ash-colored walls and the combination of wood used. This industrial design shows a masculine and ambitious look.

Seating space

This area can be designated as a cozy relaxing area. With its skylight roof, some plants will grow well when placed in this area that has indirect bright light. You can copy this idea for a simple, fresh and stylish look.





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