Home Decor Ideas - How to Make Your Home Feel Soothing and Fresh

HSdesain.com -- Everyone loves a beautiful home that provides comfort for its owner. Some popular styles are also one of the things that can bring some of these things. One that is currently popular is the boho-scandi modern which has a selection of soothing colors and has refreshing plant decorations. For more stylish interior decorating ideas, check out Home Decor Ideas - How to Make Your Home Feel Soothing and Fresh.




Living room idea

This living room looks neat and clean with the selection of soft colors on the furniture and interior walls. In order not to look too plain, this living room also has some decorations that have different motifs and looks as seen in the frames, sofa cushions, and also woven rattan.

Storage cupboard

The area adjacent to the living room sofa is utilized as a place to store books and some other decorations. This will give it a more interesting touch while appearing more functional. For a refreshing touch, some green plants are placed in several spaces to make the room feel more beautiful and impressive.

Clever stairs concept

This small staircase has an attractive appearance with the use of guards on each step. In addition to adding a decorative look, this is also able to provide a sense of security because it will make you not easily slip. Not only that, some decorations on the staircase wall are also made with matching colors.

Kitchen idea

The kitchen area of this house is at the back. Despite its small size, the kitchen still looks spacious with some clever designs added. This area has windows, skylights, and large doors for great air circulation.  Not to be forgotten is the addition of plants in several areas that can maximize the air quality in the kitchen.

Bedroom idea

Still with the dominance of white for the wall paint, this bedroom provides a warm and cozy atmosphere despite its modest size. The warmth comes from the touch of wood color in the furniture and decorations. Then, the addition of plants can be the perfect addition for a natural look.

Child's bedroom idea

For the child's bedroom area, not only has a bed but is also designed more functionally by adding a study table equipped with drawers for storage to save space and look neat. Give a touch of decoration with details that the child likes.

Bathroom idea

Different from other areas that are more dominant with white, this bathroom is made with a warmer look using wood colors and patterns on the floor and walls. Additional cubicles are also able to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in this bathroom.





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