7 Simple Yet Cozy Bed Idea For Small Rooms


Homlovely.com - For those of you who have a room with a small size will certainly have difficulty in making a comfortable bedroom. For that you need to arrange a small size room to make it look neat and comfortable of course. There are many ways that you can apply for a comfortable bed in a small room. For those of you who are looking for inspiration, you can see the explanation below.

White Bed

lelial art

By using the dominance of white color makes a small room seem bigger. Bedroom by using a bed of wood material and white color you can apply in your home. The bedroom is also equipped with a work desk that uses white dominance. You can also add large size plants like this pretty rubber plant.

Monochrome Bed

dawn gray

The concept of a bed using monochrome colors can make the bedroom look more unique. This bedroom is made level so that it can make the look more spacious and can be a solution for those of you who have a small size room. A unique ladder using a skateboard board adds an interesting effect.

A Bed That Blends in With The Workspace


If you have a room with a small size then you can apply the bed design as above. The bed is also used as a workplace. You can design a level bed with a division on the top floor as a mattress and below as a workplace.

Minimalist Bed


The bed using a minimalist concept makes the look neater. You can simply put a mattress in white and combine with color pillows. Next to the bed is placed a nightstand with wood material and can also be as a place to put decorations.

Gray Bed


By using the dominance of gray color makes the bedroom look brighter and spacious. This bedroom uses a level concept but uses modern decor. This shelf and ladder Area can be used as a storage area. So you can maximize its functionality.

Pinky Bed

by nimi
The bed using this pink color looks beautiful and gemas. This bedroom is suitable for you women. This bedroom looks comfortable and can increase productivity because the lower floor is used as a workplace. By using pink and white colors make the look more charming and spacious.

Natural Bed

tiffany leigh design

The look of the bed above seems attractive and warm. The use of wood material makes the look stronger and sturdier. This bedroom has two places using the concept of a level bed. On the side you can use as a book storage rack, flower vase, etc.

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