7 Plants That Attract Money and Bring Fortune to Home


Hsdesain.com - Ornamental plants can not only serve as a decorator of the room but also can be considered as a bring fortune and attract money. In addition to having an attractive appearance, ornamental plants can also be used to clean toxins in the air and are also good for health. There are several plants that can be presented in the house that are able to channel positive energy.


west elm

Palm trees are also referred to as lucky plants. This plant is usually used as an indoor plant because it is easy to care for. This plant belongs to plants that can grow large, its growth can reach a height of about 4 meters.

Lucky Bamboo


Conservation bamboo plant with the scientific name Dracaena Sanderiana is a plant that has a characteristic small leaves. This plant is believed to bring good luck, happiness. Usually the number of stems on the plant will affect the luck of the owner of the House. If you want to get wealth then the trunks should be five in number.

Jade Plant


Jade plant is a plant that has the characteristic of its year which is round like a coin. This plant is believed to attract money and bring good luck, happiness. You can place this plant indoors or outdoors. But avoid the bathroom as a place to put it.



This plant is believed to bring wealth and good luck. This plant can also be beneficial for health because it can clean the air and filter toxins in the House. This plant has a characteristic green leaves with a shape like love. For perawataan this plant is quite easy you can plant it in the ground or in the water.

Rubber Plant

ultimate plant

Rubber plant is one of the plants that are believed to bring wealth and luck. If you put it in the house then it is believed to provide the morning sustenance of the owner of the House. In addition, this plant is also good for health because it can clean the air.

Snake Plant


The snake plant is a plant that has its characteristic green leaves with yellow edges. This plant can also be believed to bring good luck and sustenance. This plant can absorb toxins and also reduce allergens in the air. The plant can also be grown both indoors and outdoors.



Orchid plants are plants that have beautiful flowers with many color variations. Orchid is a flower that can symbolize good luck and prosperity. You can plant this plant in pots and also paste it on the wall. Orchid plants have beautiful flowers and green leaves and sturdy stems.

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