6 Best Places To Keep Croton Plant in Home


Hsdesain.com - Croton is a plant that is found in many gardens. This plant belongs to the type of shrubs that have a varied shape and color of leaves. Starting from green, yellow, orange, red, to purple. This plant is suitable to be placed near the window of a house that is exposed to a lot of direct sunlight. Because croton plants do need sunlight in order to thrive. You can keep this croton plant at home both inside and outside. For more details see 6 Best Places To Keep Croton Plant in Home below.

Croton In Garden 


The Croton placed in this garden looks beautiful. You can plant this Croton in a pot combined with other plants. Choose a pot with a size that matches the clay material. Croton plants with green, red and yellow colors look beautiful in the garden. Because it gets maximum sunlight, this plant can grow optimally.

Croton In Corner


In addition to being placed outdoors, you can store this croton indoors. Usually an unused corner of the sofa you can take advantage of to put the croton. Use white paint to make it look beautiful. Croton with this medium size looks beautiful next to the gray sofa.

Croton In Near The Window


Croton near this window looks healthy and well-groomed because it gets direct sunlight. Croton has a characteristic green, yellow and slightly red leaves look beautiful. You can use pots with clay material so that it can make circulation in the soil can be maximized.

Croton In Outdoor


Croton has yellow, green, orange, bronze, to burgundy leaves. Because the size of the adult plant is quite large, you should provide a large pot so that growth can be optimal. You can put it outdoors so that it gets direct sunlight. Do not forget to do regular watering.

Croton In Kitchen


This Croton can also be placed near the kitchen. You can use pots with woven wood material so that it looks natural and beautiful. You can put it on the kitchen table or corner of the room in your kitchen. However, there are things you need to pay attention to is about the watering time. You can water it every 3 times a day then every morning try to be exposed to sunlight.

Croton In Living Room


The Croton is also beautiful if placed in the living room. You can use a pot with a beautiful shape to look charming. Croton which has yellow, green and red leaves looks bright so it can provide an atmosphere that is also bright and vibrant.
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