7 Plant For The Home Office You Can Grow In Water


Hsdesain.com - Plants that use water growing media are a solution if you don't have a large place. The workplace in the House must be made with a comfortable and quiet environment so that it can increase productivity. You can put plants that are used as decorations and also room fresheners. Water plants make you do not need to be complicated in doing pengerjiraman if you forget. You only need to prune the leaves that have begun to dry or change the airny only once every three days.


Spider Plant 


This spider plant is suitable to be placed at home because it has long dangling leaves down with green and white colors. This plant can also grow in water so it is suitable for you who do not want complicated to take care of it. This plant has easy care with enough pruning once a week.

ZZ Plant

fia grossman

zz plant is a plant that you can subsequently put at home. This plant has easy care because it is light resistant indoor mini and can grow in water. This plant has a characteristic glossy leaves, and its stems are contained. You can treat this plant by pruning its yellowed leaves or stems.



Monstera one of the plants that have easy care. The plant has a wide, glossy leaf shape. This plant is often used as an ornamental plant in the House. You can put it in your home office. You can plant it in a water growing medium so you don't have to water it every day. It is enough that you change the water once every 4 days.



Pothos is one of the plants that are suitable to be placed in the room. These plants include vines that have rapid growth. The plant has characteristic green leaves with a slight yellowness. This plant is suitable for decorating your home office so that it looks fresher and cooler.

Peace Lily

anthurium info

Peace lily is a beautiful ornamental plant with green leaves and has beautiful white flowers and create a peaceful atmosphere. This plant is suitable if placed in the House of one of them home office. This is because the peace lily is able to reduce mold sopra in the air, absorb acetone, and absorb harmful substances in the house.

Snake Plant

melida paulino

A snake plant that has leaves extending upwards is green with a unique pattern. This plant can grow in water so you can plant it in the Home office. You can also add white or colorful rocks so that it can be more beautiful and can tie the roots of this snake plant.


patricia grejanin

Succulent plants that are usually placed in the soil media was also able to live using water. This plant will look beautiful in a glass jar and placed in the Home office. This succulent plant is indeed suitable to be placed in the room, especially this plant has beautiful and beautiful flowers.

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