7 Best Low Light Hanging Houseplant For Yout Garden


Hsdesain.com - Hanging plants can be placed in the garden can indeed make the look of the house more beautiful and fresh. Hanging plants can be a solution for those of you who do not have a large enough place to put plants. Hanging plants also have a fairly easy care you can directly water them regularly. Hanging plants can also make it easier to maintain moisture in the soil because the water in the plant can directly fall down through the pot used.


Fittonia Verschaffeltii


This plant has a leaf shape with a medium size and a unique motif. You can hang this plant in your Home Garden to make it look more beautiful. Fittonia likes a humid environment with bright lighting but not directly exposed to the sun. You can water it once every two days.



Pothos is a plant that has a duan shaped like love with a yellowish green color. These plants can be hung in your Home Garden. This beautiful plant has a fairly easy care. You can water it every two times a day and get direct sunlight. You can choose a pot of suitable size and material that easily absorbs water.

Tillandsia Oregon


This plant can be a hanging plant because it is a beautiful shape. The plant has elongated, pointed leaves of green color with brown flowers . Plants using water or soil media can decorate your Home Garden. For the maintenance to be easy enough you need to water it regularly.

Green Fall

godong ijo

This plant includes hanging ornamental plants that are usually placed in the house or on the terrace. This plant has fresh light green dangling leaves so it is suitable to be planted in hanging pots or paste pots. Apart from being a green fall ornamental plant, it is also good for the surrounding environment because it can eliminate chemicals in the air.

Boston Fern


Boston ferns become one of the beautiful plants if hanging. Plants that have a small leaf shape and dangling down will be charming if hanging. You can hang them by using suitable pots. You can do watering every two times a day. Choose soil planting media mixed with fertilizer to make it more fertile.

Java Fern


This plant is an aquarium plant that is usually placed in water. But there is nothing wrong if you hang this plant. This plant has leaves that are similar to ferns so beautiful if hanging for Your Home Garden. For the care of this plant including easy because it can grow in any condition and any light.

Vine Succulents


These vines can grow optimally with sufficient sunlight. This ornamental plant should ideally get sunlight for approximately 6 hours in one day. This plant has the benefit of being able to clean the air and maintain humidity in the room. Plants with a predominance of green color.



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