Pretty Living Room Decor Ideas for Impressive Interior -- The living room is part of the interior which is very important for its existence, so you need to design and decorate it in an interesting and amazing way. Even with a small size, you can express your creative ideas to turn it into an impressive area. For some ideas you can copy, check out Pretty Living Room Decor Ideas for Impressive Interior.

Living room with plants

Plants are indeed the perfect decoration idea for interiors, including the living room. Having a refreshing section will certainly make guests more comfortable. Choose some effective plants to purify the air from pollutants such as pothos, rubber plants, and spider plants.

Simple living room with wall decor

If you have a small living room, use simple colors to avoid making it feel claustrophobic. Aside from that, hang various decorations on the walls that do not crowd the space and add beauty to your small room.



White for clean living room


Even though it looks normal, choosing white has many advantages for small spaces, including the living room. You can use white to give a clean and bright impression to the room. Give some decorations that have different colors for a touch that is not boring.



 Pastel combination

The pastel palette is a trending color, and you can apply it to the living room. Not only using one color, you can combine 3 or more colors at once. Even though there are many combinations, soft pastel colors will blend well and make the living room look more beautiful.

Natural style with earth tone

Do you prefer a classic style with a natural look? You can try to apply this one idea. Use furniture in wood or rattan colors and combine it with other matching colors. Avoid using colors that are too bright and flashy to maintain the natural look you want.

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