Dreamy Modern Classic Home Design Ideas

HSdesain.com -- The interior of a modern house is synonymous with a simple and clean design. Modern interiors are also distinguished by their neat arrangement, use of neutral colors, and firm lines. While the classic style offers an elegant and charming look.
The combination of modern and traditional styles will create everyone's dream home.
Following are some dreamy modern classic home design ideas! Let's take a look!

The facade of the house


 The idea of a modern classic house facade is designed with an elegant design. The facade of the house looks charming with a combination of warm earthy tone colors.

The dominance of earthy tone gives the impression of a more homey home. The facade design of the house is equipped with many window that give the impression of  modern-looking residence.

Charming terrace house

 The front porch of the house is the face of the whole house. The beautiful terrace design gives a good impression.The use of wooden exteriors and also ornamental plant decorations gives the impression that the house looks more lively and charming.

Classic modern living room

 Who did not fall in love with this classic modern living room look. The design of this living room looks charming with a neat and luxurious arrangement.

Moreover, there are beautiful and stunning gold accents.

Luxurious classic bedroom

The design of master bedroom is elegantly designed with a luxurious arrangement. Moreover, it is combined with stand out lighting.

An appropriate lighting arrangement can change the atmosphere of bedroom even more dramatically.

Dining room open space concept


By using the concept of open space, it helps you create the impression of a room that looks wider. Between the dining room and also the living room is elegantly designed side by side.

It is also suitable for use in tiny homes to be functional.

That's dreamy modern classic home design ideas. We hope you like it.

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Author : Hafsah
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