Tiny House Movement - Create Cozy Living for Family

HSdesain.com -- Tiny house movement has been a trend for the past few years. This appears in response to the high cost of building a house and also to preserve nature. Although small, now many home designs are comfortable and have complete facilities. The following is an idea that you can emulate to be able to have a small house that is comfortable for your family.



House facade


This house appears simple from the outside, with a stilt house design that has several advantages. The stilt style of the house will protect it from earthquakes and will also help you protect it from animals that pollute your porch.



Open plan style

The open plan room style is ideal for making the most of a small space. A room without a partition can help improve air circulation and make the space feel larger and less stuffy. Of course, you must adjust the colors and decorations in each room so that they remain harmonious and beautiful.




Living room idea

There is a living room in the main room, which has an open concept. His small living room has white walls, which make it appear larger and brighter. Despite the lack of furniture, this room appears neat and comfortable.



Kitchen idea

There is a well-organized kitchen and dining room in this area. Have a kitchen set in the corner of the room that allows the space around it to feel spacious and comfortable for the dining table. This window design in the kitchen is critical for allowing light into the room while also allowing for maximum air circulation.

Bedroom idea

This bedroom is moderately furnished, with a clean white bed. This dark-colored wall will be ideal for your introverted soul, bringing peace. Additional windows and circulation walls will help to keep your room from appearing too dark.

Bathroom idea

Even in a small house, this bathroom has a modern design with white color that makes the room appear larger. A transparent glass partition will keep the bathroom clean and make it feel more spacious. Plants can be added for a fresh look.

That's the Tiny House Movement - Create Cozy Living for Family. Hope you like it!

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Author : Hafidza
Editor  : Munawaroh
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