7 Most Beautiful Types of Echeveria


 HSdesain.com -- Succulents are trendy mini plants. One of the most beautiful succulent families is Echeveria. They have a distinct and lovely shape and bloom like a flower.
Echeveria requires the same low maintenance as other succulents. If you want to try growing them. We've compiled a lost of the 7 most beautiful types of echeveria for you!

1. Echeveria Black Prince 


The first type of Echeveria was Black prince. As the name implies, they have dark-colored leaves. Echeveria black prince has a slow growth, suitable for home decoration.

Echeveria of this type grows well with infrequent watering. Almost all succulent love fry soil.

2. Echeveria neon breakers


Who does not fall in love with the beauty of Echeveria neon breakers. Especially when they are in the sun, it will show the color of the leaves looking brighter.
You can grow them on the lawn or containerized. This echeveria needs dry sandy soil.

3. Echeveria Doris taylor

 Another popular type of Echeveria id Doris taylor. They have a characteristic fluffy plumage. This succulent has a green color that will refresh your room.

4. Echeveria Dusty Rose

Echeveria has a characteristic leaf shape similar to a beautiful rose. Echeveria dusty rose boasts the beauty of exotic colors.

Suitable for use as a decoration of the living room table.

5. Echeveria Lilacina


In contrast to other Succulent, this Echeveria grows well in the shade place. Echeveria has an elegant color with shades of Silver-gray shades.

Whereas, when it is winter, they have a sweet lilac color.

6. Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg


This type of Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg has a charming beauty of leaves. They are one of the most popular types with soft pastel shades.
The plant grows well in the sun and infrequent watering.

7. Echeveria Tippy


Echeveria tippy has the look of leaves of green shades with an attractive pink tip. The plant is easy to propagate and easy to grow.

You can propagate them by leaf cuttings.

Those are the 7 most beautiful types of Echeveria. Which is your favorite?

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