Stilt House Style Ideas with Monochrome Look -- The stilt house style is known to be more stable during an earthquake because the building does not touch the ground directly and reduces the effect of shaking on the house. However, houses on stilts are usually considered old-fashioned and unattractive. The following is an idea for building a stilt house that still has a modern touch. For that, check out Stilt House Style Ideas with Monochrome Look.




House facade design

 With the use of black and white colors, the facade design of this house appears simple. This additional small ladder for access to the terrace also improves the exterior appearance. This house is also surrounded by a railing that uses black for a style that blends with the house to keep the family safe.

Living room idea

This living room appears to have a more vibrant color palette, with black on the sofa and light wall decor above the stationary window. Aside from a sofa, this living room can have some storage and a television to watch your favorite shows with your family.

Kitchen idea

This house's open floor plan makes the kitchen visible from the living room. Unlike the living room, which is painted black, this kitchen is painted white. Choosing white will make stains easier to spot and will allow you to clean them right away.

Bedroom idea

Despite its small size, this bedroom appears comfortable due to the use of colors that are not overpowering and appear elegant. Large windows can make a room feel brighter and less stuffy. You can decorate the walls or place plants in the corners of the room.

Bathroom idea

With a black and white monochrome concept, this bathroom emphasizes white and incorporates black into the wall and floor patterns. The walk-in shower and partition in this bathroom keep the rest of the space dry and comfortable. The toilet, which is located in the corner of the room, gives the bathroom a clean appearance.

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