7 Upcycled DIY Plant Shelf Ideas

HSdesain.com --Plants in the home have been shown to provide numerous benefits. Not only does it improve the appearance of the house, but it also makes it feel cooler.
A functional plant shelf can be used to display plants.
There are numerous plant shelf models from which to choose based on your requirements. Let's take a look at the review below!

1. DIY Three-level shelf plant

The first DIY plant shelf was made multi functional with a three-level model. This model of wood shelf plant fits many plants.
It fits on display on the terrace of a tiny house. To make it look neat use pots of the same color.

2. Plant shelf with high model

You can create plant shelves in a various forms of models according to your needs. This wooden shelf plant shelf is simply designed with a tall and slender model.
Best place in the corner of the terrace.

3. DIY hanging racks


This DIY hanging rack is suitable for you who want to save on the available room capacity. To create a hanging rack, you need a functional strap. Continue by installing the wooden board. Easy to apply, isn't?

4. DIY wall shelf plant

Create plain walls looking alive with charming plant decorations and shelves. DIY shelves are designed to look like elegant and natural wooden stairs.
As for plants, you can sue beautiful Golden pothos.

5. DIY yellow shelf plant


Cheer up the room by using a bright yellow plant shelf. This plant shelf is made multi functional with unique arrangement of image variations.
Yellow shelf plants and green plants can refresh your room.

6. Functional wooden staircase

 Do you have a used wooden staircase? Instead of not being used, you can use them to hang beautiful houseplants. Simple but can give a unique impression to your garden.

7. DIY vertical garden


 The concept of a vertical garden can help you save on the available space capacity. Make wooden panels in advance to attach the plant pots.
For a charming look, use beautiful colorful pots.

Those are the 7 up-cycled DIY plant shelf ideas. Good luck at home!

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