Simple and Clean Look House Design Ideas -- A house with a simple style will make you enjoy a calming atmosphere. This can be realized by considering the selection of colors, furniture, layout, and several other factors. For those of you who like a simple small house style with a clean look, check out Simple and Clean Look House Design Ideas.



House facade design idea

This house design features a traditional farm house facade. This house appears to be comfortable and calming due to the use of soft and unobtrusive colors. The small yard area also looks amazing with landscaping that complements the cool appearance of the house's exterior.



Living room idea

When you enter the house, the calm pastel colors make the room look clean but not boring. Soft-colored sofas are also well-suited to being combined with the colors of the surrounding interior. Plants are the best way to add a more lively and fresh style to a room.

Dining room idea

The dining room appears to be more ornate than the living room. The combination of soft color walls and wooden walls creates a more natural appearance. This room features furniture with a distinct wooden appearance, not only on the floor and walls.

Bedroom idea

This bedroom emits a variety of colors. As the owner, you will be able to enjoy a different atmosphere in each room. Additional windows are essential for lighting and air circulation in the bedroom, giving the impression that it is larger and less stuffy.

Bathroom idea

This house's small bathroom appears to be comfortable and well-designed. Using a shower cubicle will assist in keeping other areas dry and sanitary. Provide some storage to keep bathroom necessities neat and easy to find.

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