7 Large Indoor Plants To Bring Your Home To Life

 HSDesain.com -- Are you looking for a large-sized plant? If so, Large plants can be seen, which we have summarized below. 
Adding plants to a room not only improves its appearance. However, it also creates a more cool and lively home environment.
Here are 7 large indoor plants to bring your home to life for your convenience!

Snake plant


Snake plant is the plant that we most often find in the house. They are the best indoor plants that can purify the air.

The plant can grow tall with a vertical leaf shape. Suitable to be placed in the corner of your room.

2. Chinese Evergreen


The indoor plant is known by another name Aglaonema. Chinese evergreen is the most popular ornamental plant. They have a colorful character of leaves with charming shades.
Aglaonema can grow well and reach large sizes.

3.  Calathea Ornata

If you are looking for exotic plant varieties. Calathea ornata is a plant with dark and exotic shades. They have leaf shades with elegant line motifs.
While the back of the leaves looks charming with a luxurious purple color.

4. Cast Iron Plant


 As the name implies, this plant can survive well with any conditions. Cast iron plant is a plant that can grow well in low light. 
Its elegant look and suitable for use as a room decoration.

5. Weeping Fig

Weeping Fig or Ficus Benjamina is the next large plant that you can grow indoors. Because they can grow large, you can put them in a corner of the room, or an empty hallway.
That way, the appearance of the room will look more lively.

6. Monstera Deliciosa


The plant is known for its stunning leaf shape. With a refreshing green color and a unique shape, it will make the appearance of the house look more charming and lively.

They have low maintenance and can grow well.

7. ZZ plant


ZZ plant is a plant that offers the beauty of glossy and charming leaves. This plant can grow in low light. Suitable for growing indoors.

ZZ plant is a stunning and eye-catching plant.

Those are 7 large indoor plants to bring your home to life. We hope you like it.

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Author : Hafsah
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