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HSdesain.com -- Even a small house design can still feel comfortable with the right design and decoration. The following is a home design idea that looks small but has a very amazing interior and can provide comfort for the family. Check out Home Design Ideas with Serene Atmosphere.

House Facade Design

This house has a simple facade with white color which makes it look cleaner. There are two windows with a large size to maximize lighting so that the house feels wider and brighter. In the courtyard, the house has a small pool with a few lounge chairs around the edge. It's perfect for spending a relaxing weekend at home.

Living room idea

Entering the interior of the house, there is a living room with a white sofa by the window. Not only that, this room also has a television that can be enjoyed with the family. Additional decorations on the walls can give a more impressive look to the room.

Kitchen idea

Apart from having a living room, this area also has a kitchen and dining room, which are presented without a partition so that air circulation is maximized. The kitchen area is also equipped with a window, so it's not stuffy. The choice of white color makes the kitchen appear to camouflage against the interior walls.

Bedroom idea

Where the bedroom is on the 2nd floor with a loft style but wider. In this area, there is not much furniture, so the room feels bigger. Decorations in the form of plants are the best choice to freshen the air in the room and make your rest more quality.

Bathroom idea

The white color choice is perfect for small bathrooms like this one, giving it a clean and bright look. Having a partition in the bathroom can help you maximize the cleanliness of the bathroom, so it doesn't get muddy.

That's the Home Design Ideas with Serene Atmosphere. Hope you like it!

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