Gorgeous Balcony Garden Ideas to Dress Up Your Small Space

HSdesain.com -- Balconies don't have to be large to create a stunning look and can be used for relaxing areas that are fresh, comfortable and cool. The following ideas will help you find the right style for your small balcony. Check Gorgeous Balcony Garden Ideas to Dress Up Your Small Space which you can make inspiration.



Wooden floor

This balcony looks attractive by adding a transparent cover to avoid insects or any dirt coming from the wind. The use of a wooden floor with this look will match the natural garden style.

Vertical garden

Vertical arrangement of plants will help save space. Use display racks or stands for hanging plants, so you can maximize the free space for some furniture such as chairs and tables.

Colorful planter

The use of colorful pots brings life to this narrow and elongated balcony. A pot arrangement on the balcony's edge will provide enough space for a relaxing area. Green carpet can be used as a substitute for grass on the floor.

Wall plants

If you want to relax while using a small balcony garden area, you must pay attention to the arrangement of plants so that they still create comfort. Place the plants on the wall and make sure they are neat. Large plants should be placed on the floor.

Plants on the railing

Besides placing it on the wall as a vertical plant, you can also place plants on the railing to maximize the small balcony area. Use container boxes to plant vegetables on the railing.





That's the Gorgeous Balcony Garden Ideas to Dress Up Your Small Space. Hope you like it!

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