Smart Side Of The House Landscape Solutions --  Do you have an open side outdoor? Instead of being unused, you can transform it into a lovely garden.
No matter how much land  you have available, a beautiful garden can enhance the beauty of your home. The size of the land does not always determine the beauty of the garden.
Here are some smart house landscape solutions for you!

 Using a vertical garden

The narrow size of the land is no longer a problem to turn the side land into an attractive garden. Vertical garden design is a smart solution to save on available space.
For a neat vertical garden look, you can use pots that are neatly arranged on the walls. Use the same shades of color for a more elegant look in the garden.

 Side garden walkways


By adding a path in the side garden can enhance the beauty of the house. In addition, the path makes it easier for you when walking,

Using natural stone material gives the impression that the path looks more natural and blends with nature. Green grass can refresh the house and make the atmosphere of the garden feel cooler.

Small side garden

 One more small garden design that you can use as a reference. The garden design above is designed with simple decoration. You can even grow flowers in used buckets and containers.
You can update them with a new paint color. Use bright colors to bring the house to life.

 Neat side garden with edging

Create a stylish and also neat side garden by adding edging. There are many models and materials used to make garden edging.
The garden design looks more elegant and also organized.

Garden with zigzag walkways


Arranging the garden by adding paths is proven to make the appearance of the house even more charming. The path is designed with an elegant zigzag model. While the garden is equipped with refreshing green trees. Suitable for land with an elongated shape.

That's the smart side of the house landscape solutions. We hope you like it. will always share you the latest Home Design Pictures ideas and Garden Ideas. So, what are you waiting for, enjoy the new inspiring ideas on

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Author : Hafsah
Editor : Munawaroh
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