Six Bright & Cheerful Rooms Ideas --  Did you know that choosing the right color for your room can boost your mood? Bright colors represent happiness. You can use bright interior for your dream home.
If you are interested in changing the atmosphere of your home, we have gathered 7 bright & cheerful rooms ideas for you below!

1. Facade of the house

By using exposed brick wall exterior, the appearance of the facade of the house looks elegant and also exotic. We also recommend the concept of open space for those of you who have a small house to make it feel more spacious.

2. Cheerful living room and plants

To create a cheerful room, use not only bright colors. You can combine with plant decorations that refresh the room.
Areca palm will make the corner of the living room look more charming.

3. Pink kitchen and dining room

Pink is a sweet color, and symbolizes the feeling of love. By designing the dining room and kitchen with pink accents will make the gathering activity more cozy.
Use a combination of pink and white for an elegant look.

4. Bedroom with floral wallpapers

Brighten the bedroom by using charming floral wallpaper. The bedroom design above is filled with blue wallpaper and beautiful floral motifs.
It looks harmoniously matched with the bright pink bed.

 5. Peaceful blue bathroom

 The blue color symbolizes a peaceful natural atmosphere Like the color of a peaceful ocean. The bathroom above used a charming blue dominance.
While natural lighting gives the impression that the room feels more spacious.

6. Bright workspace

Mustard yellow manages to brighten the atmosphere of your workspace. It doesn't fully use shades of yellow, but you can give it a touch of mustard's small accents that are sweet and also cheerful

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Author : Hafsah
Editor : Munawaroh
Source :Instagram @reka_thornton_home

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