Brilliant Vertical Wall Garden Design that Maximize Plant Space


Brilliant Vertical Wall Garden Design that Maximize Plant Space -- Create new indoor gardening ideas to create a stunning vertical space display. Bringing plants into the home has been shown to provide numerous advantages to the owner. This vertical garden wall concept, when balanced with attractive decorations, will create plenty of space anywhere. Consider the following brilliant suggestions:

Flower vase hung on the wall


Indoor vertical plantings can be made with wooden pallets and glass planters for ornamental flowers. Provide a wall space that can be used to create a rustic-looking vertical wall for hanging plants. 

Vertical garden in the home


The appearance of a vertical garden in this room's corner not only adds an intriguing impression. But also maximize the amount of freshness in the room. Choose indoor plants that are ideal for freshness and humidity to ensure a successful vertical garden design.

Point indoor garden


Hang ornamental plants around the house for a lovely visual effect. White is the most appropriate color for a neat and consistent planter. Ornamental plants in the house that are easy to grow and do not require fussy care can be used ass a link between iron rods.

Planter for the living wall

This is an excellent way to implement the urban jungle concept in urban dwellings. Reintroducing ornamental plants into the room, using the concept of a wall planter with a display rack and selecting types of ornamental vines for visual continuity, a good air purifier, and adding more oxygen to the room.


 Garden made from wooden pallets


What is required to create a vertical garden in the room is a not difficult. You can make a frame out of neatly arranged wood panels. Succulents, trailing plants, and ornamental plants with dense and lush green leaves are examples of indoor ornamental plants.


Philodendron variety stepladder


Arrange similar ornamental plants throughout the house to create beautiful visuals and a refreshing space atmosphere. For hanging plant arrangements and the like, use a stepladder. Choose a planter made of resin or clay and make sure  it is protected so that it does not fall. will always share the most recent Home Design Pictures and Garden Ideas with you. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the new and inspiring ideas on

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