7 Enclosed Balcony Garden Ideas For Security and Privacy


HSdesain.com -- The balcony of the house is the perfect place to enjoy relaxing on the weekend. To keep leisure activities occupied, you'll need a closed space.

There are numerous methods for maintaining balcony garden ideas for security and privacy! Let's take a look!

1. Enclosed balcony with glass windows


The first balcony idea was designed with full glass window all the way to the top. You can guarantee the security and privacy of the balcony.

While in the corner of the space there is a sofa and cushion which is the perfect place to relax.


2.  Balcony with folding curtains


To create a shady and comfortable balcony , you can install curtains on the glass windows.
When used, folding curtains can be lowered to maintain the privacy of the balcony.
Enjoying the view of the city with a cup of coffee sound sun.

3. Balcony with two-layer curtains


There are many models of curtains that you can use to maintain the privacy of the room. Enclosed balcony is further designed with two-layer curtains.
You can use blackout curtains and transparent curtains to ensure natural lighting coming in.

4. Enclosed balcony with plant decoration


Presenting plants is one of the easiest ways to decorate a balcony . You just need to put greenery around the balcony.
Simple, but looks charming, doesn't it?

5. Balcony with lantern decoration


The balcony is more romantic by using dramatic lighting. Arranging lanterns lined up on the ceiling enhances the beauty of the balcony .
The rustic-style balcony above looks attractive and catchy.

6. Enclosed balcony with wooden door


Want to make the balcony design look more natural? You can see the idea of a balcony with wood material above.
The wooden door can fully opened, so the room feels fresher and more spacious. Don't forget to combine it with a charming railing of the fence.

7. Balcony with hanging plants


Create a balcony with a refreshing decoration of hanging plants. Hanging plants help you save space.

They also have a charming look. Golden pothos, and Boston fern is an interesting hanging plant.

Those are the 7 enclosed balcony garden ideas for security and privacy. We hope you like it.

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