The Best Ways to Hang Your Backyard String Lights for The Dreamiest Patio -- Welcome summer, means that you will spend a lot of time outdoors, such as the patio or backyard. Both of these places are the perfect relax with a cup coffee. To give it a different atmosphere, you can combine it with a charming rope lamp.

Arranging good lighting can change the atmosphere of the yard. We will share the best ways to hang your backyard string lights for the dreamiest patio!

String lights on the roof of the pergola

Maybe you are still confused about arranging and hanging the lights. One simple way is to hang a lamp on the roof of the pergola. That way, the pergola will look radiant at night. For a romantic look and atmosphere, combine it with charming lanterns.

 String lights on tree branches

Enjoying the charming backyard view will make the activity of cooking and gathering feel more enjoyable. Especially when combined with stunning lighting. The branches of the tree look shiny with a series of string lights. Very beautiful isn't it?

String light on poles

 One more method that is often used us by hanging string lights on the poles of the patio corners. Combined with a cozy sofa and cushion, you will feel more at home, lingering to enjoy the beauty of the garden. The rustic decoration makes the atmosphere even warmer.

String lights in the canopy

Create a more dramatic home atmosphere by installing string lights in a row. The overall look of the house looks radiant and stand out. Moreover, it is combined with the plant lights around the charming terrace.


 Hanging string lights on the fence


 Make the fence design look shiny by hanging string lights on the charming fence. Arranging the patio with a fence can provide more privacy. So that the atmosphere of gathering feels more pleasant. Suitable for a tiny house.

That's the best ways to hang your backyard string lights for the dreamiest patio. Hopefully, the information above is useful. will always share you the latest Home Design Pictures ideas and Garden Ideas. So, what are you waiting for, enjoy the new inspiring ideas on

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