7 Adorable Mailbox Ideas that Will Give Your Guests a Fantastic First Impression

 HSdesain.com -- There are many ways to give a good impression to guests who come to visit at home. One of them designed a mailbox with an eye-catching look. Because it is located in front of the house, the mailbox, is often seen by many people.
If you're tired of looking at your usual mailbox designs, we've put together 7 adorable mailbox ideas that will give your guests a fantastic first impression!

1.  Bus shape mailbox

 The first mailbox was made unique with a charming bus model. The bus mailbox is attractively designed with bight colors. The beautiful appearance of the mailbox will give a good impression on the guests who come.

2. Mailbox with pilot


Create a mailbox design look attractive with miniature people and airplanes. When looking at the first impression of the mailbox looks charming. Suitable for making for making the appearance of the house even more stunning.

3.  Cactus shape mailbox


The look of the other mailbox looks adorable with cactus decorations. The color of the mailbox also looks attractive, with an orange color that attracts the eye. Supported with a refreshing green cactus.

4.  Modern mailboxes


Modern mailboxes with garden landscapes are the perfect blend. Moreover, the mailbox is combined with natural wood materials. The appearance of the house also looks cooler and more natural.

5.  Mailbox with flower sticker


Want to easily change the look of your mailbox? You can immediately paste charming motif stickers. To make the look even more colorful, your bright floral stickers bring your home to life.

6.  Monochrome mailbox design


In accordance, with the concept of a minimalist house. The mailbox appears with a simple model. The use of neutral colors, gives a modern impression. As for the natural look, you can grow a refreshing succulent.

7. Simple mailbox design


The design of the last mailbox is made simple. Suitable for those of you who like simple designs. Mailbox also look elegant with black color. You can add plants as decorations.

Those are 7 adorable mailbox ideas that will give your guests a fantastic first impression. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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