Small House Design Ideas for Limited Space -- Limited land is one of the reasons many people prefer to build a small house at a lower cost. You need to pay close attention to the arrangement of a small house in order to make it comfortable and have complete facilities. For ideas that you can emulate about small house designs, check out the following article about Small House Design Ideas for Limited Space.

House facade design

The facade of this house looks simple that doesn't have many striking details. The floor is made with a higher elevation to be safer when it rains. On the front porch, it is also made as a relaxing area by adding a few chairs and also a standing umbrella to keep it shady.



Living room idea

Entering the interior of the house, there is a loft design that divides the living room and bedroom areas. The living room looks comfortable by placing a sofa in the corner. The window design also makes the room feel wider and has an attractive view.

Functional small kitchen

On the opposite side, there is another loft style that is used as a kitchen and bedroom area. The small kitchen is under the stairs with large windows to maximize circulation, so the room is not stuffy. Additional shelves on the walls are also able to make the kitchen have functional storage.

Bedroom idea

Switch to the bedroom in the loft area, although small, it still has a comfortable arrangement and makes it not feel cramped. The presence of windows around it can make the room feel wider and light can enter more optimally.

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