7 Best Plant Shelf Picks To Elevate Your Plant Collection

 HSdesain.com -- Growing plants is a useful activity. Moreover, collecting plants has become popular and can increase the beauty of your home. Well, to manage your favorite plants, a plant shelf is needed. That way the appearance of the garden or room looks neat and organized.
Here are 7 best plant shelf picks to elevate your plant collection!

1. Rattan plant shelf


Want a more natural look and blend with nature? You can add a plant shelf with rattan material. The use of environmentally friendly materials allows the home to feel more homey and fresh.

 2. Simple plant shelf


 Do you have a narrow terrace? No need to worry, you can arrange a collection of plants on the plant shelf. Simple plant shelf model in the form of a container box. Cock to grow a stunning hanging plant.

3. Plant shelf 3 levels

The idea of a 3-level plant shelf is suitable for those of you, who want to maximize storage capacity. The 3 -level plant shelf, allows you to store many plants. The more is also sleek, not taking up much space.

4.  Metal plant shelf


There are many models and plant shelf materials that you can choose according to your needs. One of the most popular is a sturdy metal material. Especially with exotic shades of black.

5. Unique plant shelf


 One more unique and beautiful plant shelf model. The appearance of the plant shelf looks charming with beautiful curves. Suitable for a stunning front garden of the house.

6. Plant shelf house shape

 Not only does it make the interior look neat, but the plant shelf can also enhance the beauty of the home interior. The plant shelf design looks charming with a combination of metal and wood. The shape is also unique with a functional model of the roof of the house.

7.  Single plant shelf


Beautify the corner of your living room with a single plant shelf. As the name implies, the plant shelf is specially designed for one plant. Suitable to be placed in the interior of your home.

That's the review of 7 best plant shelf picks to elevate your plant collection. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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