7 Beautiful Swimming Pool Designs

 HSdesain.com -- Having a swimming pool is a dream for many people. Enjoying the freshness of the poll in the backyard or even beside the house sound pleasant. The garden and swimming pool are the perfect combination for relaxing at home.
If you are interested, we have collected 7 beautiful swimming pool designs! Let's see the review below!

1. Pergola and swimming pool

Adding a pergola in the corner of the backyard is the best idea. Enjoying the beauty of the pool can help the mind more peaceful. Especially if the wooden pergola is designed so charmingly.

2. Tiny pool

Don't have a large area of land? You don't need to worry, you can add a swimming pool with a small size. The design of the swimming pool looks attractive with a round model. While the wooden deck can be used as a place to relax.

3. Simple swimming pool

The backyard is the perfect place to relax and swim on the weekend. The design of the swimming pool is designed simply with a rectangular model. Create a garden around the pool for the best view.

4. Swimming pool with wooden deck

Want the appearance of the swimming pool to look more natural and blend with nature? You can arrange the swimming pool combined with an elegant wooden deck. Position the swimming pool in the corner of the yard, that way the rest of the space you can use as a garden place and relax.

5.  Tropical style swimming pool

Make the swimming pool look natural with a charming tropical style. The swimming pool is surrounded by soothing greenery. Moreover, around the floor of the pond using natural stone that blends with nature.

6.  Modern style swimming pool

The swimming pool looks elegant with a modern design. Neat arrangement and simple but functional design also provide maximum comfort. Equip the garden with a cozy lounge chair furniture.

7.  Swimming pool with vertical garden


 Keep the pool private by creating a vertical garden. The vertical garden design looks charming and also cool. Using a vertical garden can also help you save available space.

That's the review of 7 beautiful swimming pool designs. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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