Looking to Make Your Garden More Beautiful? Use These 7 Inspiring Bottle Garden Ideas

HSdesain.com -- Reusing used bottles can help reduce waste. If you usually throw away used bottles frequently, you can take advantage of them from now on. With the little creativity you have, you can create a beautiful garden work.
To add references, here are 7 inspiring bottle garden ideas. Let's keep reading!

1. Creating a vertical garden

Who would have thought that used bottles could be turned into a beautiful vertical garden . Vertical garden can be combined with hanging plants. You will need a rope to hang the bottle on the wall of the house.

2.  Colorful DIY bottles

Make the garden look more cheerful with colorful DIY bottles. The appearance of the used bottle above looks beautiful and stunning. Especially if you combine it with Pothos plants that refresh the garden.

3.  DIY plastic bottle on the wall


Stringing plastic bottles on the walls, you can use them to plants or even vegetables. You can arrange a plastic bottle horizontally and a rope to string the two together. Simple but interesting.

4. Hanging plastic bottle

 Having a small garden requires you to be even more creative when designing them. The easiest way is to use hanging pots. You can replace the hanging pot with an old bottle. You can combine with stunning colorful flowers.

5. Used wine bottles 


The idea of making a garden in a bottle looks very attractive. You can use used wine bottles. Continue by adding soil to grow beautiful plants. Give it a charming rattan garnish, sweetener.

6. DIY bottles and beautiful lighting


 Want the look of the garden to look different? You can add beautiful lamp decorations. The light of the lamp in the bottle makes the appearance of the bottle even more shiny. Make the garden even more stand out.

7.  Garden of bottles and coral stones


Create a beautiful bottle garden by adding beautiful coral rocks. Succulents are suitable plants for dry gardens. They also have low maintenance and are easy to grow.

That's the review of 7 inspiring bottle garden ideas. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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Author : Hafsah
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