7 Inspiring Interior Ideas with Scandinavian Style

HSdesain.com -- The existence of a Scandinavian-style house began to spread in various circles and has many fans who also apply it to their respective homes. The hallmark and attraction of the Scandinavian-style house concept is the color selection, furniture arrangement, and also interesting inter-room designs. For some interior ideas that you can use as inspiration, check out the following article.

Living room

The first part that will be discussed in this house is the existence of a living room that has a neat arrangement and looks comfortable even though it is small. The use of wall decorations in the form of frames makes it look more attractive and can fill the void with the living room wall.

Dining room

This dining room chooses a small table with a round shape that makes the arrangement of the chairs more flexible and dynamic. The use of dried flowers as decoration will be very suitable to be combined with natural colors around it.

Refreshing plant

This living room also has a television that will be very comfortable to enjoy while chatting casually. The arrangement of storage on the wall also makes the room look neater and more organized. To make the Scandinavian atmosphere even more maximal, this room also uses large plants to give freshness to the entire surrounding room.

Main Bedroom

Natural colors are still the display that dominates this bedroom. Minimizing furniture is also able to provide a wider space for this room. Having windows can also help make the room brighter and fresher.

Kids bedroom

Different from the main bedroom, which has a more plain appearance, these children's bedroom is decorated more attractively to make children more comfortable and help increase their imagination power. In addition to the bed, there is also a study table placed in the corner of the room.


This kitchen features a beautiful motif on some floors and the backsplash. It is able to disguise the stains that may result from cooking activities. However, overall, this kitchen still has a clean look with a combination of natural colors.

Choosing decoration
Another detail that this house has is the selection of furniture and decorations. The use of natural and simple colors will make the room look cleaner, neater, and elegant. Of course, don't bring too much unnecessary furniture to fit the Scandinavian concept in general.

That's a review of 7 Inspiring Interior Ideas with Scandinavian Style. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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