7 Small Ponds Garden Ideas with Anything Decor

7 Small Ponds Garden Ideas with Anything Decor


HSdesain.com -- Limited area is not an obstacle to designing a home garden with a stunning and refreshing look. You can consider several decorations such as ponds gardens, waterfalls or corner gardens to various other interesting decorations. Example of some pond garden design with the following beautiful decorations:


Pond garden tub


Stunning views with this pond garden tub will provide an outdoor area. The structure of the pool tub is made high with a brick wall surface and aquatic plants in it.

 Bowl pool with rocks


The bowl ponds are a fantastic addition to the home garden. Use some water plants such as lily, shrubs to the presence of rocks to support the bowl pond.


Japanese style pond garden


Adapting the tropical Japanese style, you can create a pond garden like this. With a neat arrangement, arranged natural rocks to accent the path and a combination of shrubs to flowering water for a natural concept.


Pond garden design with curves


The unique pond garden structure will give your outdoor a visuals' nature. This pond garden contains ornamental fish, aquatic plants to a bridge for seating. The curve model is surrounded by a path of ornamental grass that spreads.


Pond garden combines with waterfall


This pool will be a special feature of interest for the home page. Filled with natural rock, aquatic plants, ferns to waterfalls to create a small stream around the park.


Oval pond garden design


The oval shape will also depict continuous detail. This simple and easy pond garden you can create is effective at attracting wildlife such as grasshoppers. Especially if the pond is filled with ornamental fish, a new habitat will develop with a very supportive complex ecosystem.


Pond garden design with edging


A thick plate to accent the edge of this pond garden will probably be leveled with the ground. The unique design of the curved shape can be a new start for the home page. Create a real lake concept with lotus plants, water shrubs to a few shady trees outside.

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