7 Clean and Trendy Bathroom Ideas You'll Want to Try

HSdesain.com -- Home comfort is a priority so that the family remains happy. One of the spaces that must be presented to complete home facilities is the bathroom. It doesn't have to be large, you can create a small, comfortable bathroom. One of the things that will make a bathroom likable is a clean look. For some ideas that you can get, check out the following article about 7 Clean and Trendy Bathroom Ideas You'll Want to Try.

Small bathroom in white


This small bathroom looks attractive with a smart arrangement. A toilet that is placed in the corner of the room will give the impression of being wider for the surrounding space. In addition, this bathroom also does not have a bathtub, which of course will take up more space if it is presented.

Use wall shelf


The choice of white is also one of the ideas to maximize the small space in the bathroom. Like this bathroom, you can maximize storage on a wall shelf, which of course doesn't take up space and still provides a large space in your small bathroom.

Beautiful color selection


Color selection is one of the things that must be considered to create the best appearance for the bathroom. Not always with white, you can also use more vibrant colors to create a contemporary and eye-catching bathroom. You can also combine these beautiful colors with motifs that have unified colors.

Clean and elegant look


If you like a bathroom that looks clean, you can minimize the furniture in it. Only present a shower and cabinet for storage. Not only that, choose a more simple and plain interior. It is one of the recipes for a bathroom that looks more clean and elegant.

Use glass for partition


Using glass as a partition will be something you have to apply to keep the area clean. The presence of this glass barrier will keep water from coming out into dry areas, and of course this will make the bathroom more hygienic.

Separate bathtub and toilet


If you want a more focused area, you can use a different room for your toilet as well as your bathtub. It would be more interesting, if you equate the interior concept between the two. This will be an interesting idea to try in your home.

Stylish concept


This last idea will be an inspiration that you can use for a small room as a bathroom. The shower area, and also the toilet, have a different interior concept. This will be an attraction and make you more excited to take a shower. The touch of gold in this bathroom will bring a luxurious and elegant impression to you.



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