Modern House with Simple and Classic Looks (124 SQM) -- Who isn't attracted in classic home designs? A classic home is always appealing because of its beautiful and elegant design. This Modern House with Simple and Classic Looks (124 SQM) features two stories and an appealing look. Let's check it out!

Front View

Front View

This house is lovely and simple, designed in a classic minimalist style. The house's facade is clean and white, with smooth but beautiful building lines. The choice of tall and large pillars for the terrace, with a modern curved design and contrasting thin black frames.

Rear View

Rear View

The façade of this house is simple, with white walls and no decorations. The house has two storeys and plenty of windows to make it feel more open and cozy

Top View

Top View

This house has a combined pyramid roof, which is a modern and stylish style. A luxury yet basic design that works well in metropolitan environments.

House Plan

1st Floor Plan

1st Floor

- Terrace

- Living Room

- Dining Room

- Kitchen

- Hall

- Bedroom

- 2 Bathroom

2nd Floor Plan

2nd Floor

- Tearoom

- 3 Bedroom

- 2 Bathroom

- Study Room

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Author  : Rieka

Editor   : Munawaroh

Source : House Design

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