6 Best Pictures Before-After Modern House Design

HSDesain.com -- There are so many home design inspirations on the internet (including on this website). Have you ever wondered what if those designs were realized in real life? Then these 6 Best Pictures Before-After Modern House Design are an inspiration! Let's see how those beautiful designs become real over time.

Stylish Modern House Design

This first house design features the most favorite minimalist modern house rendering design. The 2-storey box facade, with strict building lines and neutral colors. The construction process is excellent and we can imagine the perfect picture!

Modern kerala House Design

Next up is a modern kerala house model that is also very popular. This house looks majestic with its 2-storey facade and bold building lines. The color mix looks harmonious and classy.

Large Stylish House Design

This house has a large size and looks stylish. The square facade with simple building lines, gray and white colors look harmonious. There are many openings with large windows and glass doors.

Luxury House Design with Swimming Pool

For those of you who love swimming, there is nothing wrong with making a private swimming pool at home. A house design with a swimming pool is also suitable for a family villa. Won't every day feel refreshing?

Modern House Design with Warm Nuances

This house appears minimalist and modern with a facade that is also box-shaped. When compared to some of the previous designs, this house is much warmer. Thanks to the earthy tone colors used. The front is also unique with a long double Y-shaped trim accent.

Modern Elevated House Design

This last modern house design is a bit unique. A minimalist and elegant look in a white and gray facade. This house has an elevated foundation. Natural stone decoration and green plants will suit the best and make the house feel more alive.

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