Dream House Design for 2024


HSdesain.com -- Having a beautiful home is of course the dream of many people. Among the many stunning home designs on social media, some of these ideas are quite popular because of their beauty. A large house like this can also be a solution to live comfortably with a large family. 

Are you enamored with any of these home designs? Check out Dream House Design for 2024.

Modern Kerala house

Kerala-type houses are starting to appear more and more. For those who don't know, it might sound unfamiliar. Kerala houses are Indian designs with a distinctive structure. 

However, this design idea has more modern details by using a neat roof. A traditional kerala house uses a pyramid roof that is applied with elevation and dimension.

Classic design in white

Even small sizes will look stunning by applying this home design detail. A large pole with a dominant white color will make a clean look. In order not to be too monotonous, the owner can also add other colors such as black at the base of the pole and window frame.

Perfect details

Having a house like this is certainly a dream. The large size with a magnificent building structure seems to reveal its beauty very confidently. Although the walls are only white, but if you pay attention, there are interesting details with ethnic patterns that are typical of classic style houses. 

The railing uses a gold color that makes this house appear more classy and impressive. As a final touch, the owner can add a luxurious chandelier to the porch area.

Functional roof

This house design has a simpler exterior than before. The soft colors make the house look clean and futuristic. The owner can also prioritize the comfort of the room by presenting many large windows in front, side, and back. This is certainly very important to ensure the room has ideal and quality air. Lighting can also be obtained naturally when you use this many windows. 

Then, at the front, there is a carport roof that is made functional as an open balcony. Add a railing to keep it safe. Some plants would be lovely to beautify this balcony.

Perfect classic house design

Having the beauty that radiates from your home will certainly give you pleasure. This house design also features a nice relaxing area at the front. The pergola with a classic design using a nearby fountain will make you feel like you are in a palace courtyard. 

The front of this house does not have a large porch, so having a pergola in the front yard I think is a perfect idea.

That's the Dream House Design for 2024. Hope you like it!

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Author    : Hafidza
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