5 x 6 m Small 2-Storey House Design Ideas

HSdesain.com -- When you have a small plot of land, which would you choose? A cozy interior or complete facilities? It will certainly be difficult to present simultaneously in a one-story house. Therefore, this time we will present a small 2-storey house design with a cozy and complete interior. For some details, please see the following, 5 x 6 m Small 2-Storey House Design Ideas.

Exterior design

Even though this house is small, it is still designed with a beautiful look to make it more attractive and stunning. The building structure is made simple like a 2-story box type. However, finishing in the form of varied colors and additional natural stones on the walls can give a livelier impression.

Floor plan design

Ground Floor Plan

For the floor plan design, let's look at the ground floor first. On this floor, there are several areas such as the living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and 1 bedroom. The staircase design with a U-shape layout is the right structure to fill a small house to save space.

Second floor plan

The second floor has several other rooms that are more personalized. There is a family room that is integrated with a balcony so you can relax with more fun. In addition, there are also 2 other bedrooms and a bathroom.

Interior design

Kitchen and dining area

The interior on the first floor is neatly organized by placing several areas in the room without a partition which makes access easier and makes the room look spacious and airy. The choice of furniture with a harmonious look can add a more neat impression to the room.


This is one of her cozy bedroom designs even though it is not very spacious. The bed is placed near the wall, leaving plenty of space for a desk or something else. The window plays an important role in the comfort of this bedroom.






That's the 5 x 6 m Small 2-Storey House Design Ideas. Hope you like it!

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