5 Contemporary House Design with Flat Roof

5 Contemporary House Design with Flat Roof

HSDesain.com --- Houses with flat roofs have recently become a trend. It has many benefits, one of which is to facilitate the drainage system and of course has an elegant and beautiful appearance. Here is a recommendation for a beautiful house with a flat roof. This is 5 Contemporary House Design with Flat Roof.

1. Stylish urban dwelling

This house has :

- Ground floor
- 1 bedroom attached
- Living room
- Sit out
- Stair area
- Kitchen / dining
- Work area
- Toilet
- First floor
- 2 bed attached with dress
- Upper living
- Balcony

2. Modern flat roof

This house has raw rebrick on the veranda pillar which makes the facade of this house feel more modern and gorgeous. Having 818 sqft makes this house feel more spacious with 2 bedrooms.

3. Contemporary modern

This 2-storey house has an elegant appearance with a luxurious architectural design. The combination of white and brown colors gives it a sense of warmth and elegance. Natural light also plays an active role in creating a charming look.

4. Contemporary modern

With a flat roof design, this house is very impressive with the dominance of warm colors and textures. Having 3 bedrooms area makes this house suitable for you who have many family members. There is also a carport area.

5. Gorgeous colorful flat roof

This house has a charming color combination with a balcony area on the 2nd floor which is beautifully and simply designed using glass balustrade. Decorated with some war bricks like this makes the look more gorgeous.

That's 5 Contemporary House Design with Flat Roof. Perhaps this article inspire you to build your own house. 

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Author : Devi

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