Simple Modern House ( 5.5m x 8m ) 2-Storey | Free Floor Plan -- This modern 2-storey house design is perfect for those who want a lot of space, even in a small space! It looks elegant and suitable for any place. Check out this Simple Modern House (5.5m x 8m) 2-Storey | Free Floor Plan below. And discover the beauty and comfort in a small modern house!

Front View

Front View

The design of this house looks minimalist, with a white facade and strict building lines. An elegant look is created by the natural rock decoration on the front wall. The house looks modern with large and tall glass windows, with minimalist thin frames. 

Side and Rear View

Side and Rear View

The exterior of this house is simple and minimalist. If at the front there are natural stone decorations and some wall lights, the sides and back of this house are simpler with white color. Having 2 floors, this house looks tall and slim. A design that is suitable in both cities and villages.

Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

This minimalist house has a neat arrangement, despite its small size. The use of the open space concept is also best, making the space more comfortable for the owner. The following are the facilities of the house:

Ground Floor:

- Carport 13 Sqm

- Living Room 11 Sqm

- Dining Room 3 Sqm

- Kitchen 10 Sqm

- Storage Room 2 Sqm

- Bathroom 4 Sqm

Second Floor Plan

2nd Floor:

- Master Bedroom 18 Sqm

- Bedroom 11 Sqm

- Bathroom 2&3 @3 Sqm

- Balcony 3 Sqm


From $ 27,000 - 33,000 USD

Price may vary depending on the location.

Roof Design

Roof Design

As for the roof, this house uses a minimalist flat roof. A boxy and simple shape, with a wider size to maximize protection. In addition, there is also an additional canopy and a transparent roof on the carport, to make it more shady. will always share you the latest Home Design Pictures ideas and Garden Ideas. So, what are you waiting for, enjoy the new inspiring ideas on

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