16 X 20 M Grand Classic House Design

16 X 20 M Grand Classic House Design 

HSDesain.com -- The following 3-storey modern house design has a grand and luxurious appearance. A charming design from the first glance. Let's check out the following 16 X 20 M Grand Classic House Design! Elegant and very classy impression.

Front View

Front View

White facade with strict building lines, black color on the frame that contrasts but looks so harmonious and elegant. The design of the arches and columns to the large pillars, making a grand and classy impression. 

Side View

Side View

This classic house is so charming with curved accents and Corinthian columns that rise majestically, creating an intimidating glamorous impression. The large and tall pillars become the focal point that makes the building line more solid.

Magnificent Mansard Roof

Magnificent Mansard Roof

Classic houses in the style of the 1800s have a distinctive feature. The use of a classic mansard roof, with dark colors makes the impression more elegant. The design of many windows with large size and height also has many advantages, both in terms of appearance and comfort of the owner.

Interior Design

Living Room

It would be incomplete if we didn't discuss the interior. Turning to the interior of the house, the design looks luxurious but more modern. White is used as the main color, with earthy tones as a complement and also a luxurious gold color.

Family Room

House features:

- Land Area: 16m wide x 20m long

- Building Area: 755,15 m2

- 4 Bedrooms 

- 5 Toilet & Bathroom

- 1 PowderRoom

- 1 Maid Room

- Carport (maximum 2 cars)

Dining Room

The spatial arrangement looks neat, making the room more spacious. The decoration used is also appropriate and not excessive, very elegant and luxurious! 


That's 16 X 20 M Grand Classic House Design, what do you think? Do you like it?

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Author  : Rieka

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Source : @emporioarchitect

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